How to Write an Argumentative Essay: Layout & Sample Topics

Essay writing is a wide field, and as you keep advancing your career to new levels, you can be sure to write different essays before you graduate, from analytical, expository, descriptive, to argumentative essays. All these essays may require you to present them in a common structure, but there are slight differences that distinguish the essays. In this write-up, we will highlight the whole concept of an argumentative essay, including argumentative essay prompts you can use in your paper. Are you almost writing your argumentative paper? Keep reading.

What is the purpose of an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay has one major purpose; to persuade the reader. Once you have the topic to argue out, you simply choose the side you want to support, do research, and present your arguments along with the evidence as a way of persuading the reader. The argument doesn’t have to bring out a steamy debate but presents facts while opposing the other side positively.

As a student, you must conduct in-depth research and persuade people who believe in the other side to approve of your arguments.

The layout of an argumentative essay: parts of an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay, in most instances, is a five-paragraph essay with the following sections:

  • The introduction

In the introduction, you simply present your argument and give a brief explanation of why the reader should be interested in reading your paper. Keep the intro short and captivating. Remember to include your thesis statement here.

  • The main body (three paragraphs)

This is a significant part of the argumentative essay. It includes three paragraphs explaining detailed arguments on your topic. Ensure each point you present has strong supporting evidence.

  • The conclusion

This is the final section of your argumentative essay. You simply conclude your arguments by summing up what you have discussed in the whole paper. Include your closing remarks in a persuasive and passionate manner to make the reader consider your viewpoints.

How to write an argumentative essay: pro tips

We have described the argumentative essay format, which includes the intro, main body, and conclusion sections. So, how do you ensure you bring out a compelling argumentative paper? The following tips should come in handy.

1. Write an argumentative essay outline

The outline will give you a simplified roadmap of what to include in each section of your final draft. While the outline saves you time, it also helps you to ensure you include all significant details in your essay.

2. Use an argumentative essay rubric

Teachers use the rubric approach to assess the student’s overall understanding of the whole concept. As a student, you can apply a similar approach as you improve in writing argumentative essays.

Best argumentative essay topics

One of the elements that define a desirable argumentative essay is the topic you choose. Below, we have highlighted some of the best argumentative topics you can consider.

Argumentative essay topics about education

  1. Are video games significant in learning?
  2. Mixed schools are better than single-sex schools
  3. Does grading improve students’ performance?
  4. Do uniforms have any significance?
  5. Students should use laptops and tablets to learning

Argumentative essay topics about mental health

  1. Does music therapy help with mental illness?
  2. What is your view on Christianity in relation to mental health?
  3. Workplaces: describe mental illness discrimination
  4. Teenagers and increasing suicide rates in relation to mental health
  5. Depression in relation to mental illness

Argumentative essay topics about sports

  1. Playing football can be dangerous
  2. Sports betting should be legalized
  3. Students should take part in sports
  4. Video games are sports too
  5. School footballers should be paid

Argumentative essay topics for middle school

  1. Students bullying others should be punished harshly
  2. Students should have homework over the weekends
  3. Children should have a limit on screen time
  4. Online learning is the best form of studying
  5. Parents contribute to obesity in children

Social media argumentative essay topics

  1. Describe social media’s effect on politics
  2. Facebook promotes excellent academic performance
  3. Social media is the biggest form of distraction for students
  4. Social media plays a crucial role in encouraging violence
  5. LinkedIn is the best social media platform for promoting businesses


Writing an argumentative essay is the same as writing any other essay. However, you must ensure you present strong points that will support your argument while outweighing the opposing side. This means that you should choose an interesting topic that you can argue your facts right.

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