Can you start an essay with a quote? Well, this is a common question for many essay writers. How you begin your essay speaks volumes to the reader about what to expect in your paper. That is why teachers recommend different approaches as a way of hooking the reader.

Using a quote at the beginning of an essay is one of the best-proven techniques that has given students a simple way to connect the reader to their paper. However, not any quote can fit as a hook to every essay. The quote must relate directly to the topic and bring out a meaningful sense to the reader. So, should you start an essay with a quote? Keep reading to find out how and why.

Quote introduction essay: how to use a quote as a hook

One best way to start an essay is by using a quote. However, what is the significance of the quote? How can you connect the quote to your paper?

A quote, being a famous statement or sentence from another person, is an appropriate way to start your paper. Once you quote, in the intro section, you must add some more valuable information in a few sentences to describe your topic further. The simple description is simply to put the reader in a better position to interpret your ideology.

How to write a quote in an essay: the 15 steps

As you plan to use quote starters for essays, you must take appropriate measures to ensure the quote fits perfectly and naturally in the context you are describing and make sure it matches your main topic. Therefore, take the following steps for effective quoting:

  1. Analyze your topic

Before you start thinking of any quote, make sure you understand the nature of the topic you want to research. This includes knowing the arguments you want to present in your paper, then choosing a quote that aligns with your argument.

  1. Avoid overused quotes

The reader wants to read and hear something new and compelling. This makes the whole reading experience enjoyable. Therefore, make sure you avoid repetitive and overused quotes. 

  1. Add an amusing comment

Once you have your quote, make sure you present it in a contradicting manner in a way the reader didn’t expect it. This will create more curiosity and eagerness to keep reading.

  1. Research the quote

You need to understand the origin of the quote and its significance. That is why it is crucial to do some research to understand how you can incorporate the quote in your essay.  

  1. Define the audience

It is important to know your audience to determine if they are familiar with the quote or not.

  1. Think of a way to hook the reader

After defining your audience, think of a way you can capture the reader’s attention through the quote.

  1. Relate the quote to your argument

Once you hook the reader, do an analysis and determine how the quote relates to your argument in the essay. This is to give the reader an easy understanding and a smooth flow of your paper.

  1. Quote the right way

You don’t simply copy and use the quote. Make sure the quote is supported by your own words. Therefore, write a simple overview of the quote before using the quote.

  1. Punctuate the quote appropriately

Since a quote is someone else’s work, you need to avoid plagiarism by including quotation marks in your quote. Also, take note of cases where you need to capitalize, like the names of people.

  1. Attribute the quote

Well, not all quotes are accurate. Therefore, you need to verify that the quote you used is accurate and the supposed person actually used the quote.

  1. Ensure the quote remain true

While you will choose your argument, do not twist the quote to fit your side. Instead, let the quote support your argument naturally.

  1. Include a fragment in the quote

Sometimes, the quote can be extra long, and you only need a few words. In such an instance, you can use an ellipsis to denote the continuation of the quote.

  1. Introduce the quote

Now, use your own wordings to introduce the quote. At this step, make sure you include the owner of the quote.

  1. Explain your quote

Next, include a brief explanation, making the reader understand how the quote fits in your arguments.

  1. Relate the quote with the thesis

Finally, your quote will naturally blend with the thesis statement as it supports the arguments you intend to present.


Have you been struggling with using quotes in your academic papers? The struggle opts to end now by using the approaches above.